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Quality Management Process  


We, at NR AGRITECH, strive to make sure that our products are of the best quality so that our customers can get the most out of them. In order to ensure high quality and adherence to industry standards, we have put strict quality control measures and testing mechanisms in place.

Our wide range of agricultural and farm machinery seeks to satisfy our customers’ expectations regarding product strength and quality, delivery and shipping, and value for money.

Our company aims to make certain that our equipment and machinery have no defects, and that our customers have no complaints. Let us show you step-by-step the process via which we manufacture high-grade agricultural machinery and implements.

Use of High-Quality Raw Material

Our company uses only high grade and high-strength steel for the production of our agricultural equipment and implements. All incoming products and raw materials undergo spectral analysis and stringent quality testing. Good quality input ensures the good quality of the output; our products manufactured from high-quality materials last for a long time, guarantee high usage and promise no accidents or breakage.

Highly Efficient and Mechanised Production Line

After ensuring the quality of our raw materials, the next important step is the efficient complication of the agricultural and farm equipment at every stage of the production line. Our well-organised production line comprises customised machinery with special components that excel in processing our high-grade steel. These highly-controlled machines bend, mould and form with accuracy and precision.

Paint Application

We use special polyurethane paint alongside an advanced drying system that precisely controls the ratio of paint: hardener during the application process. Therefore, our products come with a uniform and highly resistant surface, which is able to withstand corrosion and damage for an extensive period of time. Hence, we aim to offer our customers long-lasting products.


We have a highly mechanized assembly section with highly specialized apparatuses that apply uniform pressure while tightening the fasteners. This ensures strong joints and greater durability. We have high assembly standards to make sure that each and every component is attached efficiently and that the end product is of high quality and sturdiness.

Final Quality Check

Our team at NR AGRITECH consists of highly educated individuals with intensive training and vast experience. Our employees put their expertise to use during the production process, controlling and carefully observing the entire process. They carry out careful inspections, checking every minute detail in order to ensure the overall quality of the equipment.

Customer Satisfaction

Our chief concern at NR AGRITECH is to ensure customer satisfaction. We do our best to ensure that our agricultural and farm equipment offers our customers long-term usage and value for money. We manufacture and deliver high-quality implements that are durable and provide premium service. Our strict vigilance during the manufacturing process ensures that our machinery requires minimum maintenance and repair despite heavy use. Investing in our high-grade equipment will provide you with abundant returns as our implements are guaranteed to provide great service and last longer.

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Our main aim is to help farmers all over India by providing them with world-class agricultural equipment. With our 25 years of expertise in the agriculture sector, we are one of the leading names when it comes to agriculture equipment. We have the most innovative and creative minds working for us who believe that with the changing agriculture industry, the equipment should change too.
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