Non-Tipping Trailer

It is used for transporting materials like seeds, fertilizers, implements etc. needed on the fields and also transporting the finished products to the warehouse/markets.

Non-Tipping Trailer

Product Features

  • High-grade hub,axle and bearings ensure the long life of the trailer.

  • Easily transportable as it gets easily hitched to any tractor.

  • Well designed for towing and loading stability.

  • Wide tubeless tyres.

  • Available in a variety of sizes.

  • Heavy duty frame ensures greater strength and stability.

  • Removable and drop down door provides flexibility of loading and unloading.

  • Fitted with high-quality stiff leaf spring suspension system which improves its shock absorbing capacity.

Product specifications

Outer Dimensions 10x6x1.75 feet 12x6x2 feet 14x7x2 feet
(3048 x 1828 x 534 mm) (3658 x1828 x 610 mm) (4270 x 1828 x 610 mm)
Main Chassis (mm) 150 x 75 150 x 75 150 x 75
Floor Sheet (mm) 4
Side Wall sheet (mm) 2 (Corrugated)
Tyres 7.50x16, 9.00x16
Ring Hitch Dia. (mm) 50 50
Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity 10 TON 15 TON
Axle (Brake Optional) (mm) 75 Square 75 front, 90  Square Rear
Axle Bearing 32214 inner & 32211 outer 32216 inner & 32213 outer
Weight (Kg. Approx.) 1550 1720 2000
Tractor Power (H.P) 50-70 70-90 90-110

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