Heavy Duty Land Leveller

It is basic and tough implement which is mounted directly to the tractor. Its purpose is to excavate the top layer of the soil and spread it evenly on the ground. It can also be used for filling & clearing the farmlands. A leveled field ensures that the water spreads evenly throughout it, which reduces the cost of irrigation. As the water reaches the crops adequately, it increases the productivity of the land, making it an ideal implement for every farmer.

Heavy Duty Land Leveller

Product Features


  • Increasing productivity

  • Saves cost of irrigation

  • Basic implement for leveling the land

  • Simple and stark implement which is directly fitted to the tractor.

Product specifications

Description PAHDLL-6 PAHDLL-7 PAHDLL-8
Frame(mm) 75x20 Flat & Dia, 28mm Tie Rod
65X16 Lever Flat
Bucket (mm) 10 Main sheet & Side Support 100x12 & 25x10 Flat & 40x5 Angle Centre Support
Type of Blade  (mm) 75X10 mm High Carbon Steel (Reversible)
Category Cat- II
Fasteners High Tensile
Width of Cut (mm) 1850 2150 2460
Weight (Kg. Approx.) 130-140 140-155 160-170
Tractor Power (H.P) 30-45 45-60 60-75

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