Disc Ridgers

Its discs work in pair, wherein they rotate in opposite directions, thereby cutting up the land and forming ridges / bunds. The discs allow the Ridger to penetrate even in toughest land conditions. These discs / bunds are used for sowing of crops, water management while also acting as walking paths and even boundaries in the field.

Disc Ridger

Product Features


  • Heavy Duty Box types frame for the the deep ridge.
  • Availaible in 1 ridge and 2 ridges with 2 bottom and 4 bottoms.
  • Heavy Quality boron steel disc.

Product specifications

Description NRADR-1 NRADR-2
Frame (mm) 102x102x6T (Sq. Tabular Frame)
Axle Type Spindle
No. of Disc 2 4
Type of Disc Notched or Plain (optional)
Disc Diameter (mm) 660x6T (26 Inch)
Fasteners High Tensile
Maximum Width Between Ridgers (mm) 1000
Bearing Hub 2 4
Weight ( Kg. Approx.) 224 410
Tractor Power (H.P) 50-65 70-90

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